At Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd we take a holistic approach to your Insurance Portfolio. Our methodology distinguished service in the world of insurance, assures you best in class advice for your needs. Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd offers insurance solutions to a variety of clientele.

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Companies

No matter whom the client is or what the scale of insurance required, we assure you of a thorough solution; development process delivered across three phases.


  • This is the first phase of getting you and your interests protected.
  • Understanding the specific risk exposures involved, as well your asset values, gives us an insight into your insurance needs.
  • Along with this insight, we also collate the necessary data required to approach insurers.


  • Once your insurance enquiry has been floated and sufficient quotes received, they are examined for errata in coverage specifications or calculations.
  • Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd will also continuously interact with the insurers to streamline insurance packages and optimise the payable premium.


  • Upon selecting the most suitable plan, a Service Level Agreement will be entered into for coverage of large risks.
  • We will co-ordinate with the insurer on your behalf to transmit payments and requisite documentation.
  • We are here to do all of this for you.


  • Any insurance policy ideally requires continual communication with your insurer.
  • Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd will also closely monitor the timely renewal of your insurance policies.


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