Health Insurance


The Rwandan people at large understand that the cost of healthcare is rising, and that access to quality healthcare facilities requires significant financial capacity. However, not many have seen Insurance as the logical way to meet this significant financial risk. While it was alright in earlier days to try to pay for healthcare needs from one’s pocket, the rising cost of healthcare means that such a move can now put a significant dent in one’s finances and even wipe away years of sweat and hard earned savings in one go.

It is easy to be attracted to policies that make it very easy for customers to enter. However, what is important in health insurance is not the ease of entry but the ease of claims payment.

Most people would have never have sat down with an insurance broker to understand the different plans of different insurers. An insurance broker represents the buyer of insurance and not the insured. This is where Elephant Insurance Brokers Limited has a role to play so that the insured (the buyer of health insurance) takes a well informed decision. Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd is in an insurance intermediary which is in the business to recommend to the insured’s so that they can take a well informed decision. The real support of Elephant Insurance Brokers Ltd comes when it comes to coordinating and assisting you in the event of a claim. So be it buying an individual and or family health cover or a Corporate Group Health Insurance cover, do get in touch with our team and be an empowered health insurance buyer for a complete peace of mind.


Empowering you to buy the right Health Insurance Cover and ensuring peace of mind


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